March 1, 2022

Finding Work-Life Balance in the Restaurant Industry

Work-Life Balance in the Hospitality and Restaurant Industry

The restaurant and hospitality industry is notoriously known for it’s lack of work-life balance due to long working hours. Individuals that want to pursue a career in the culinary field are unable to do so because of additional responsibilities outside of work. Sacrificing some personal time is understandable when building your career, but when it’s starting to negatively affect your family life, many individuals are having to choose one or the other.

Here at Tre’dish, we empower chefs to have flexible work hours and a balanced lifestyle.

Home Chefs Find A Healthy Work-Life Balance at Tre’dish

Tre’dish offers flexible work schedules perfect for parents, students and entrepreneurs looking to build their culinary vision.

Tre’dish Chef Rickie Hill used to work 15 hour days and it began to negatively impact his relationship with his infant son. His passion about his craft and successful business was not worth trading in for the milestones he had missed. Since he joined Tre’dish, he has had much more control over his working schedule and has been able to spend more quality time with his family, all while still earning a steady income.

Another Chef working with Tre’dish is Chuck Adkins. His restaurant closed during the pandemic, so he started doing private catering events to make ends meet. However, this route would still take up majority of his personal time and most events would take place during family celebrations. He chose to cook with Tre’dish so that he can take back control over his life and not have to choose between picking up a shift on a Friday night or attending his son’s birthday party.

Many chefs dream of opening up their own restaurant but the financial commitment is almost always what prevents many to do so. The pandemic has made this even more true. With Tre’dish, you are able to monetize a space you are already paying for, and save for something bigger.

At Tre’dish, chefs can secure and sustain their own future without having to break their backs for someone else’s vision. It’s time to take the power back and create your own legacy without sacrificing family time.

If you want to learn more about becoming a Tre’dish chef, fill out our contact form here to get in touch with our Chef Partnerships Department and take the next step in your journey to a more fulfilling career.

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