We’re bringing all the ingredients for wide-scale change

Tre’dish makes it safe and convenient to order food from someone’s home – just like you would a restaurant. We’re helping create the rules that will help shape this emerging economy.

Turning home kitchens into professional workplaces

We provide a check-in/check-out process that follows professional standards for food handling, preparation and processing. This gives our home chefs the confidence and checklist they need to make sure their kitchens are spotlessly clean and ready for service.

Health and safety always comes first

What makes Tre’dish different is that our entire business model is built on a food and safety platform – so there’s no getting around it. We’ve created a daily check-in/check-out process that makes it easy for home chefs to keep a comprehensive record and ensure their kitchens always meet the same standards as restaurants.

A transparent window into their kitchen

Even with certification, there’s no substitute for seeing where your meal is being prepped and getting to know the person behind the dish. Home chefs can show customers a virtual window into their kitchen and their lifestyle, showing photos and videos as they prep their dishes and experiment with new recipes.

A turnkey platform with no barriers

It’s the natural next step for the food industry – people are already cooking from home and sharing their food. We’re bringing structure to this new and unregulated movement by providing a single platform that gives people the skills and opportunity to sell home-cooked meals to the public.

Take your future
into your own hands

If you’re a culinary expert or have one amazing recipe, there’s nothing holding you back.

Become a Tre'dish Chef
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