February 21, 2022

Home-to-Home Food Movement is Rising

We all enjoy the taste of authentic home cooked meals made with love.

Food that takes you home or transports you somewhere has not always been easy to come by.

Luckily, the home-to-home food sharing movement is on the rise determined to unite your tastebuds with the authentic flavors you’re craving.

In Brampton, Ontario, home chefs have marched forward with this movement excited to share their homecooked dishes with their local community. Chefs like Nilpa Jadeja who started her business KriYash Foods and many others have embarked on their own tiffin delivery service, serving local customers with daily homemade Indian meals.

We are thrilled to see that there are others just as excited to support the home-home food sharing economy. We are currently launched in Riverside, California and hoping to expand to other cities across the US and Canada very soon!

Read the full Globe and Mail article to learn more about the amazing home chefs in Brampton.

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