March 7, 2022

Home-To-Home Food Sharing Is An Equalizer For Women In The Food Industry

For years, women have been underestimated and undervalued when it comes to being chefs and food entrepreneurs. Recently, strong female leadership has begun to change this mentality, but we are still very far away from seeing equality between the genders. Despite being 61% of the total workforce, women hold only 12% of leadership positions within the hospitality industry.

Globally, home-based and food-based businesses are empowering women in developing markets to start their own businesses and take control of their own economic freedom.

A new marketplace to sell quality food is here to help break down these deeply-rooted barriers. Tre’dish is levelling the playing field for women in the food industry by allowing for better representation.

At Tre’dish, we know that when our chefs succeed, we succeed. This thinking not only helps us bring the most delicious meals to our customers, but we’re also helping female entrepreneurs get their start, grow their businesses, and share their passion with the world.

Our virtual marketplace features not only their cuisines, but also their stories and how they are rising within their community.

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