March 31, 2022

How Tre’dish Prioritizes Food Safety in Our Kitchens

Food safety is a top priority in the home-to-home food sharing movement. Tre’dish has health and safety at the core of our business model. Our processes ensure that we can implement proper food safety measures so our customers can have peace of mind knowing their food was made with care.

Daily Food Safety Processes for Home Chefs

We have implemented daily check-in and check-out processes that all Tre’dish chefs are required to complete when cooking meals for customers.

Check-in process

Our check-in process includes a self-health assessment, a pre-cook readiness checklist, and a pre-meal readiness checklist where home chefs take photos of their prep area to confirm there is proper sanitization and all kitchen equipment is clean and functioning. This process also ensures ingredients are fresh and that any potential allergens are sealed away before cooking.  

 Pickup and Delivery

During the Pre-Pickup Readiness step, the chef confirms the quality and presentation of the food is exceptional before packing it away in Tre’dish packaging which includes a tamper-proof seal so the customer can know their meal has reached them safely. 

Check-out process

Our check-out process has a closing checklist where chefs are required to properly put away all ingredients, sanitize their work station, and clean all cooking utensils. This allows their kitchen to be ready to cook more meals the next day.

The feeling of eating something homemade is special and we’re making it our mission to provide a safe platform for you to keep enjoying delicious home-cooked meals.

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