February 14, 2022

Tre’dish Launches in Riverside County

Tre’dish Officially Launches In Riverside, California

Everyone at Tre’dish is driven by the same vision: to bring the global Home-to-Home food sharing movement to the mainstream.

Tre’dish is a Home-to-Home FoodTech platform that empowers chefs to build their own business out of their home kitchens. We connect them with customers in their local community and foster relationships over sharing culture through food. At Tre’dish we understood the importance of building a platform that would support the hospitality industry which has been impacted by the pandemic over the past few years.

After several months of meticulous planning, Tre’dish officially launched our platform on November 17th, 2021, in Riverside! We selected Riverside as a home base given the progressive MEHKO regulation that was passed here allowing commercialization of home restaurateurs.

Our community-based model brings people together and connects them through the shared love of food & culture. The hospitality industry needs innovation and we feel that the unique offering of Tre’dish can bring communities together in a positive way.

Riverside’s Mayor Dawson Supports Tre’dish

We are thrilled to have Mayor Patricia Lock Dawson’s support as we expand our reach within Riverside and as we expand further out. With our successful launch in Riverside we will can continue to expand outwards to new territories given the significant lessons learned here.

Mayor Dawson speaks about Tre’dish’s launch in Riverside:

Our team is so grateful for being welcomed by the Riverside community. If you are in Riverside County, we invite you to try our delicious dishes from our amazing chefs for yourself and support the movement!

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