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  • Our journey began with a mission to empower local food businesses

    We’re building innovative technology while giving small businesses access to high-quality yet affordable groceries.

    As we dived deeper, we couldn't ignore the glaring disparity in the market. Everyday Canadians are paying exorbitant prices for essential items like fresh meats and produce.

    It was then that we made a pivotal decision to extend our platform to the general public.

    Our vision is simple — to challenge the status quo of inflated grocery prices and provide access to wholesome, locally sourced food.

    By bridging the gap between farmers, wholesalers and our customers, we aim to revolutionize the way people shop for groceries, ensuring that everyone can enjoy nutritious, quality food without financial strain.

    We're not just changing the way food is bought, sold and enjoyed. We're reshaping the food industry, one affordable meal at a time.

    Our JourneyHow does a software platform become an online grocer?

    The sustainability of every small food business is reliant on their ability to access affordable groceries.

    We chose to expand our operations to not only support these entrepreneurs but, much more broadly, include online direct-to-consumer grocery sales due to shifts in the economic and political environment that compelled us to act. Recognizing a challenge that directly impacted us as both individuals and Canadians, we identified the escalating expense of food and inflated grocery margins.

    Our established presence in the food industry has positioned us to address the growing crisis affecting all Canadians — soaring food costs.

    Above all else, we believe affordable, fresh food is a basic human right — reinventing the way Canadians buy Groceries.

    Our software platform connects us with vendors and delivery partners, eliminating the overhead costs associated with maintaining brick-and-mortar storefronts.

    It’s nearly impossible for families to afford nutritious food and for small food businesses to thrive. Affordable nutrition has become a luxury.

    Traditional food supply chains structurally favour large operators with scale. We’ve invested in thriving, local supply chains in order to provide Canadians with affordable groceries.

    We pledge never to source or sell ungraded mystery meat or engage in “skrinkflation” tactics.

    Join our movement for fair-priced groceries.

    Our MissionWe're passionate about making healthy eating affordable for all.

    Tre’dish operates with the sole purpose of giving Canadians direct access to high-quality food at affordable, transparent prices.

    By eliminating unnecessary stages in the supply chain and refusing to inflate prices, we are able to deliver on our promise. These are the real prices Canadians should be paying.

    Our commitment to offering premium meats and produce at unbeatable prices ensures that eating well is within everyone's reach.

    Our dedication to offering top-quality, locally sourced groceries at competitive prices reflects our belief that everyone deserves nutritious food without compromise.

    At Tre'dish, we're revolutionizing the way Canadians shop for groceries. Why pay more when you can save up to 30% on every order? We're not just any online grocery store; we're your most affordable ticket to the world of organic, fresh, and top-quality food items.

    We provide access to the best of Canada's farms right to your doorstep.

    How It WorksOur approach to fighting inflation

    We pride ourselves on simplicity. Through our online ordering system, customers conveniently order groceries sourced directly from farmers & wholesalers.

    Unlike the traditional grocery store supply chain, which often incurs unnecessary expenses for consumers, Tre’dish simplifies and optimizes the process- ensuring cost savings are passed directly to our customers.

    We offer high-quality meat and produce directly from farms to your doorstep at prices that significantly undercut traditional grocery stores. We achieve this by streamlining our operations and cutting out unnecessary expenses.

    Everyone deserves

    affordable groceries.

    No retail stores, middlemen, fancy packaging or marketing. We keep it simple, and you save.

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